More than just eyewear.

Our mission is to offer a personalized and immersive experience to all who choose our glasses and merchandise. We meticulously design our creations for self-expression, building a community beyond transactions. Wearing Lunettiq should instill a sense of belonging, wherever you are.

Rebel against the ordinary.

We spotted a glaring void: the scarcity of unique, affordable eyewear that stood out from the mundane.

This gap sparked the inception of Lunettiq, a blend of "lunette" (French for glasses) and "IQ," symbolizing smart design and expression. Our creations, conceived in Montreal and crafted with italian acetate, draw from eclectic inspirations like daily conversations, architecture, and the sleek lines of automobiles.

Our mission is clear: to shatter the boring mold of eyewear, offering distinctive pieces that echo individuality without breaking the bank. Lunettiq isn't just about glasses; it's a rebellion against the ordinary.